Place Waste Dissent – pantomime horse accused of direct action

I’ve been looking through the archive of photographs of film maker/photographer Julia Guest in Bristol last week. Julia has kindly given me access to a real treasure trove of images from life in Claremont Road, and the No M11 Link Road campaign; there are many stunning images that I will be using in Place Waste Dissent, with her kind permission.

In fact the next phase of the book is about to start. I’m awaiting feedback and input from my Influx Press editor, Gary Budden, before making any final edits on the manuscript, before starting the process of putting text/image together for typesetting. I’ve a huge archive of images to work with, as well as upwards of 120 pages of text. The next phase in the project is going to be challenging and exciting.

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been able to read from the manuscript at a number of venues in London and Bristol, as well as take part in some Q & A sessions with other Influx Press writers/poets afterwards. This has been invaluable in gauging how the poems feel when read; how they roll around the head and out of my mouth is so very different to reading them at home to myself, or to my partner Sarer. There’s plenty of work stiil to do . . . and, I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to the books publication October time this year. Gary & Kit Caless at Influx have been amazing to work with; their boundless energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness has been inspiring to the shaping of the book. We have some exciting plans for launchiing Place Waste Dissent this autumn.

Here’s a  photo from Julia’s archive from 1996 involving a pantomime horse.

IMG_6043 (1)


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