Queen Mob’s Teahouse publish Servant Drone texts

Thanks to poetry editor Erik Kennedy for publishing #10 & #11 from the new Servant Drone collaborative text due out very soon on Knives, Forks & Spoons Press. Read it in full here …

SJ Fowler had this to say on the new Servant Drone collection;

“What is the worst poetry myth? That it is a singular form, not naturally lending itself to collaboration? Or that what is actually contemporary, relevant, dynamic, is innately experimental or strange? Servant drone is one of the finest examples of a poetic work which destroys both superstitions in one fell sweep. It is energetic, decisive, colloquial and necessary. It is a work of synthesis between two exceptional vanguard poets that balances satire, critique and humour with an intense methodological engagement.”

SJ Fowler on Servant Drone (KF&S Press out Nov. 2015)