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Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press) avant-garde experimental text collage

I’ve a ltd. number of signed copies available £9.99 + p&p worldwide BUY


‘. . . the book is stamped with left-field credentials: Gee Vaucheresque monochrome montages of photos, police documents, agitprop fliers and eviction notices circumscribe and blend into the verse itself . . .’
Peter Boughton in Minor Literatures

‘. . . the jagged edges of Hawkins’ verse collages express heated moments of collision and confusion during the opposition to evictions which turned out to be a foretaste of the kind of Neo-Liberal urban enclosure that blights London today . . . ‘ Stephen E. Hunt for International Times

‘ . . . it is the strength of the presentation that gives this book its edge. It is performance art on the page, an installation with time as the third dimension rather than space . . . ‘
Jackie Law at Never Imitate

Launch Events ON NOW

Nov 10 – Dec 12 Exhibition of art & text from Place Waste Dissent at The Arts House, Bristol more info

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Servant Drone CoverServant Drone (KF&S Press)

a collaboration w/Bruno Neiva out now £8.00 BUY

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