#sanctumbristol Gospel Blues

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Just got in from a 4 am 2 hour reading & discussion about Place Waste Dissent . . .  met some lovely people in pre-dawn ghostly atmosphere at Sanctum, Temple Church, Bristol. Beautiful gospel-blues played by Chasing Whiskey rang out before I read too ….

Back from the printers . . .

12186799_1063561560344476_921726942625968653_oPlace Waste Dissent is back from the printers. Editor, Landscape Punk and 50% of Influx Press,  Gary Budden is pictured here modelling the front cover.

It’s out on Nov 12, available from all good bookshops, direct from Influx Press or, if you leave me a message @PlayWDissent , you can order a signed copy direct from me …

Hope to see you at one of the launch events;

Nov 21 – 7.30pm at The Arts House in Bristol’s Stokes Croft  where you can hear me reading from the book, as well as poets Sam Berkson and Sarer Scotthorne doing their thing, plus a screening of Blight, and think of some questions to ask me afterwards, as Gary’s ‘chairing’ a Q & A at the end.

Then 7pm at The Brick Lane Bookshop, London on Dec 5 where Sarer Scotthorne, Lucy Furlong and George F. are reading. Both events are free. Yup, that’s right . . .  FREE. And afterwards there’s Influx Press Xmas drinking/back-slapping/schmoozing to be done at The Water Poet pub in Folgate Street.

Bring a spare tenner if you want to buy a copy of the new book too. That’s why you’re coming isn’t it? No … er, well, you never know. Always be prepared …

Come along to The Arts House in Bristol between Nov 12 and Dec 10th to see an exhibition of prints of collage/text from the book. It would be great to have a natter over a coffee, if anything takes your fancy, then you can buy a print or two as well. Copies of the book will be on sale  (when I’m around), or leave me a message on Twitter @PlayWDissent to arrange a meet-up.

If you’re in Bristol I’m reading at #sanctumbristol, including a red-eye 2 hour slot. But I can’t reveal when … suffice to say it’s a Situations UK project masterminded by Theaster Gates and involves non-stop performances at a beautiful temporary structure in the grounds of the Temple Church, Bristol. Non-stop for 24 hours a day, for 552 hours from Oct 29 to Nov 21. No headliners or opening acts. Just turn up and see who’s on. It’s really very, very good. Trust me.

See you around . . .

Nov. 21st Place Waste Dissent launch & exhibition at The Arts House, Bristol

Influx Press are launching Place Waste Dissent with a free event in Bristol on November 21st. The Arts House in Bristol’s Stokes Croft will also be hosting a month long exhibition of prints from the book, as well as the launch night.

November 12th – December 10th  – Place Waste Dissent Bristol Exhibition at The Arts House

Prints from the new experimental poetry/collage collection Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press) will be on exhibition at The Arts House (open daily between 10am – 11pm). Poetry and collage by Paul Hawkins.

Place Waste Dissent features his own photography as well as that of Julia Guest, Maureen Measure, Steve Ryan, Susan Worth, John Hawkins and Sarer Scotthorne of The No M11 link Road Campaign, Leytonstone past & present.

The Arts House, 108a, Stokes Croft Bristol BS1 3RU open daily 10am – 11pm

November 21st – Place Waste Dissent Bristol Launch Night 7.30pm free entry

Paul Hawkins
– Paul is a Bristol based poet and author of the new Influx Press title ‘Place Waste Dissent’. He co-runs Hesterglock Press and has had two previous books published, ‘Claremont Road’ & ‘Contumacy’ (Erbacce)
@PlayWDissent @hesterglockmktg

Sarer Scotthorne
– Sarer co-runs Hesterglock Press and is author of the acclaimed collection ‘The Blood House’.

Sam Berkson
– Sam is the author of ‘Life in Transit’ (Influx, 2012), ‘Dusk Steals the Daylight (Fishbar, 2013) and the recent collection ‘Settled Wanderers’ (Influx, 2015).

plus a screening of Blight (John Smith/Jocelyn Pook)

and an author Q & A

The Arts House, 108a, Stokes Croft Bristol BS1 3RU

There’s a Facebook event page for the launch here

You can pre-order Place Waste Dissent from Influx Press by clicking HERE

pre-order Place Waste Dissent at Influx Press

You can now pre-order Place Waste Dissent at publishers Influx Press from today here


It’s out on Nov. 12th. There will be a launch event in London and Bristol, details to be announced shortly …

International Times publish Resist :/ Eviction :// Creep (version)

Underground newspaper of resistance, International Times; adjusting lenses since ’66. Thanks to the I.T. & Rupert Loydell.

Read Resist :/ Eviction :// Creep (version) here.

Reading at Mahu – Influx

w/special thanks to Sarer Scotthorne, SJ Fowler, Influx Press & The Hardy Tree Gallery.

26/6 reading at SJ Fowler’s Mahu – Influx residency

1900396_10153422054263609_1330013726325074998_oSJ Fowler & Sarer Scotthorne @ Mahu – Influx

10995664_10153423383088609_1763476780863145426_n 11228049_10153423369643609_7915698986877233009_nl – r Kit Caless, Linda Mannheim & Gary Budden


sjfmahuGood to be reading in such company – Claire Fisher, Linda Mannheim, Kit Caless and Gary Budden of Influx Press at London’s Hardy Tree Gallery, generously invited by SJ Fowler as part of his Mahu exhibition; a novel onto gallery walls.  A novel written without prelude or revision. A novel written in black ink on white walls. A novel in words that veers into neologisms. A novel in language that veers into abstract symbols. An asemic novel. A novel of twenty-one days, before it is stripped, chopped, framed, never to be reunited again.

Photos by Sarer Scotthorne/SJ Fowler.

20 years today – The Munstonia eviction 20/6/94

Twenty years ago today. The eviction of Munstonia, the last house of hundreds in the path of the M11 Link Road through Leyton, Leytonstone and Wanstead. Here are the unedited rushes from the day from Neil Goodwin, with special thanks to photographer and film-maker Julia Guest for her crucial input in making this.

Here’s the story from Danny Penman from 21st June 1994 in The Independent newspaper.

“More than 150 police, bailiffs and security guards pitted themselves against 60 protesters who had barricaded themselves into a derelict house to protest against the new road. The house had been completely gutted and walls and windows reinforced with wood and steel in anticipation of the siege.
When police arrived yesterday morning they had to battle through a quarter mile traffic jam. Spotters had warned the protesters that a convoy of 14 police vans was en route to evict them. They responded by setting up a road block made from rubbish, shopping trolleys and kitchen units.
The traffic quickly built up, giving the activists time to man their defences. They first pulled up a drawbridge which formed the only link to the three-storey house over a shallow moat. The staircase behind the door was then filled with tons of rubble, giving bailiffs little chance of entering.
Bailiffs were also faced with sheer 30ft boarded-up walls and windows. The pinnacle of their defences was the 30ft tower perched precariously atop the house. The bailiffs spent several hours trying to dig through the rubble-filled staircase and finally gained entry to the first floor only to find that the defenders had fled to the second floor and sealed themselves in. Another hour was wasted while the bailiffs attempted to reach the second floor.
Eventually a hydraulic digger was brought in to rip open a window. After the second floor of the house was taken the protesters fled to the roof and tower where about 10 chained their arms to steel hooks embedded in concrete as police and bailiffs scaled the back of the house.
Simultaneously two “cherry picking” platforms were brought in to pluck protesters from the rooftop. Generators and pneumatic drills were then brought up to cut free the protesters who had locked their arms to the steel loops. The tower was then quickly fell to the bailiffs. The protesters regard Munstonia, as the house was dubbed because of its creepy appearance, as a bonus. The main battle to stop the road was fought at Claremont Road last November. But the anti-M11 campaigners retook the house, which sits on a stretch of wasteland about a mile from Claremont Road, in April following a security lapse. The Department of Transport was granted a possession order in May. The Metropolitan Police pronounced the eviction a success. ‘There’s been no animosity at all and it’s all gone according to plan with everything happening the way we expected it,’ said a spokeswoman.
The protesters vowed to continue their campaign against the road by occupying stretches of the construction site and chaining themselves to machinery.
‘Now we can go on the offensive because we have nothing left to defend,’ one protester said.”

Mahu: Influx Friday 26th June London

Mahu: Influx Press – Friday June 26th 2015 – 7pm

At the Hardy Tree gallery – 7pm – Free Entry
119 Pancras Road. London, UK. NW1 1UN0 / email steven@sjfowlerpoetry.com for further details

A night of eclectic readings from Influx writers and editors, taking in New York stories from Linda Mannheim, experimental squat poetry from Paul Hawkins, tales of light invading the dark by Clare Fisher, plus readings from Influx editors Kit Caless and Gary Budden. More details here.

Claremont Road (temporary autonomous zone) by Maureen Measure

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With thanks to Maureen for allowing me to use her archive of stunning images from Claremnot Road.

ALL IMAGES ©Maureen Measure

Cake recordings from Claremont Road unearthed

A track from The Kode EP by Cake, who were Jay (Hammond organ), Pete (gtr), Greg (drums), me (bass) & Tony (vox/gtr). Recorded live by Dr. Stuart downstairs at Number 1 Claremont Road Leytonstone E11 ’93.