Border Territory: Place Waste Dissent

Mike James reviews Place Waste Dissent for The Contemporary Small Press.

the contemporary small press

Place Waste Dissent by Paul Hawkins, Influx Press 2015

Alice Nutter – I believe of Chumbawamba fame – asserts in the foreword to Paul Hawkins’ Place Waste Dissent that, it ‘is a book that takes the aesthetics of poetry as seriously as the occupation and protests that inspired its writing.’ The collection situates itself amongst the residents, the protesters and the housing occupiers – if these are not the same people – of the M11 link road protests of the early 1990s. In Hawkins’ work, words fight for space – and on occasion lose – against the images of police officers, residents, stilt walkers and emptied streets, which form each page’s backdrop. That is not to say Hawkins’ poetry does not ‘drive’ Place Waste Dissent, but that the poems, like those Hawkins writes of, must contest for their own space.

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It is impossible to talk about Place Waste Dissent without…

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