IMG_0485I’m a Bristol based poet. My fourth collection; Place Waste Dissent, a book of avant-garde protest poetry/collage, was published on Nov 12th 2015 by Influx Press. You can buy a copy here. My past has been a bit chameleon-like . . . musician, squatter, tour manager, freelance journalist, gardener, publisher, improvisor, collaborator and a manager of an Elvis Presley impersonator. I studied the art of sleeping standing up & drinking lying down with nearly disastarous consequences. Up in Liverpool, a co-operatively run publisher, Erbacce Press, put out two books of mine; Claremont Road & Contumacy. There’s more details on published work here. I co-run Hesterglock Press with poet Sarer Scotthorne. I collaborated with collageist Michael Harford as The 50//FIFTY & I currently collaborate with Portugese text artist/poet bruno neiva under the guise of Servant Drone. A collection of exploratory text experimentation by bruno and me, Servant Drone, was published by KF&S Press in 2015.

Contact me below if you’d like me to run a poetry workshop or read poetry at your gig/festival/party/car-park opening etc or if you’ve got any questions . . .

email: hesterglock at gmail dot com
twitter: @Hesterglockmktg


2 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Ian McEwen

    Dear Paul, I’m currently editing Magma 57 which is due to contain a feature on the Gregory award winning poets – including Matt Haw. I have had no response from him by email and wondered if you had a better way of reaching him?

  2. Josh

    Hey Paul – looking to set up an interview to talk about the book. Been in contact with Kit. Deadline this afternoon, so get at me as soon as you can.


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