Place Waste Dissent


In Place Waste Dissent poet Paul Hawkins plots the run-off, rackets and 90’s resistance to the proposed M11 Link Road; text experiments and collage from Claremont Road to Cameron. Memory traces re-surface the A12.

‘Fire sermons and authentic retrievals for a battleground on the edge of the liminal, delivered with spirit and spite and sting. True witness.’
Iain Sinclair


‘Place Waste Dissent is a valuable, experimental, unique contribution to contemporary British poetry. It serves to illustrate that every life and experience is valuable, and to impel us to resist anything that encroaches.’
George Jackson in Ambit Magazine

‘. . . the book is stamped with left-field credentials: Gee Vaucheresque monochrome montages of photos, police documents, agitprop fliers and eviction notices circumscribe and blend into the verse itself . . .’
Peter Boughton in Minor Literatures

‘. . . the jagged edges of Hawkins’ verse collages express heated moments of collision and confusion during the opposition to evictions which turned out to be a foretaste of the kind of Neo-Liberal urban enclosure that blights London today . . . ‘
Stephen E. Hunt for International Times

‘ . . . it is the strength of the presentation that gives this book its edge. It is performance art on the page, an installation with time as the third dimension rather than space . . . ‘ 
Jackie Law at Never Imitate

‘ . . . this book, more than any I have read in a long time, is a collection. It truly works as a whole: poems bleed into one another, characters disappear and reappear later in the collection, images reflect and haunt other images. This book recreates and re-presents the culture and time which it is reflecting upon, and it is an ‘archive’ that delightfully overwhelms with sound and image. This book is important.’
Mike James for The Contemporary Small Press

‘. . . provided me with passion, inspiration, information, an appreciation of community and the gentle reminder that life is a balance of good and bad. It is a truly beautiful book.’
Thivija Sabanathan at Book Smoke

‘challenging and disordered, fragmentary and filled with movement, noise and a variety of street music. Well worth searching out. ‘
Steve Spence for Stride Magazine

More on Place Waste Dissent

‘. . . The lo-fi, analogue, cut and paste of word and image that Paul Hawkins presents in PLACE WASTE DISSENT is not only richly redolent of that early ’90s squat and crusty culture, it is haunted by characters and casualties of the era. Portraits that are sustained and affecting . . . ‘
Pretty Messy, Fairly Trashed interview by Tony White for The Quietus

‘a meshing of poetry, investigative journalism, and zine-style collage, featuring photos from the area, the protests, and of the people who lived on Claremont Road. Poet Paul Hawkins raises the ghosts of East London’s “No M11” squat protests.’
an interview at Huck Magazine

Experimental poetry/collage published by Influx Press

Order a signed copy direct from me by completing the form below – £9.99 +p&p

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