Servant Drone


SERVANT DRONE: a collaborative text of exploratory poetry by bruno neiva & paul hawkins

cover art: barbara mesquita :: published by Knives, Forks & Spoons Press in 2015

“Brilliant collaborative poetry collection (of which there are far too few) taking on a necessary issue in necessarily disjunctive ways.”
SJ Fowler

“These are poems full of alternating cities, countries and communities, making the reading experience like getting on a night bus in Hackney, passing through stops in Spain and Portugal, and waking up in Switzerland; poems I would like to hang out in – and will – before I find the spot they inhabited shut down overnight to make way for a really high-end spreadsheet.”
Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

“Reading Servant Drone is like rifling through Tristan Tzara’s confidential waste, receiving a spam email from Kurt Schwitters or eavesdropping on an inaudible conversation at the fringes of a deconstructivist house party.”
Tom Jenks

‘There is humour, political suggestion, fragmentary sequencing and splicing to create strange juxtapositions. These are ‘naked’ texts in the sense that the texture of the writing is foregrounded and any ‘aboutness’ is as much supplied by the reader as the author.’
Steve Spence reviewed for Stride Magazine

‘City images repeat, as does an uncomfortable relation with the powers that be, and the play that happens with the language seems to stress that problematic relation.’
Bill Allegrezza reviewed on p-ramblings (USA)

Sarah James, on ‘In the Booklight – bruno neiva, Paul Hawkins & Servant Drone’, Sara James’ weblog (UK)

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