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So text artist bruno neiva and I have been sending each other words and taking it in turns to read what the other wrote, and then using the others words as a diving board into writing a response. Sort of. We called the whole thing Servant Drone. We don’t know what it means. But what we’ve been able to do is cull 60 pieces of text into a book, which we hope someone will want to publish. We have a publisher in mind and will be submitting said manuscript at the end of this month.

We have a play around with what those words look like, as well as the order they go in.

Here’s one I made earlier…


we’ll let you know when it’s published, as we hope you might want to take a closer look and buy a copy.


Servant Drone (neiva & hawkins)


sd1 Servant Drone is an elastic foray into experimental cross border text collaboration; mapping a deep trench into place-specific zone enquiry’. Servant Drone is a collaboration between bruno neiva and me.

background image: privados um (2), by bárbara mesquita (published in Issue 26 of otoliths)

#18 (neiva)

mostly digital
not a purist
no not anymore
(and I still can’t tell the difference between Dave and Pearce)

8-track kneecap
utterly foam
89.9p. sort of
soaring low
selling out a bit
& associates

(and I still can’t tell the difference between Wall and Wind)

#18 (hawkins)

see four
like bad teeth
this ex-boxer’s


Issue 2 launch films

Boscombe Revolution, Hesterglock Press, Issue 2, poems

So we launched Issue 2 at the Vita Nova Theatre Space in the heart of Boscombe on Friday June 27th. There were some technical gremlins at work, and unfortunately two poets, Bethany W. Pope and Michael Scott were beset with transport problems and couldn’t make it at the last moment.
We had a good crowd and sold some books.
Sarer Scotthorne filmed the launch, and here are some of the edited performances, along with the film poems made by Bruno Neiva, Leanne Bridgewater and Antony R Owen that were also shown.
Big thanks to all those who came to the launch, especially those who performed and travelled to Boscombe for this gig.

Buy Issue 2 here

Issue 2 launch gig

Boscombe Revolution, Hesterglock Press, Issue 2, New


Admission is by ticket only to the free launch night of Issue 2 of pocket-rocket anthology Boscombe Revolution.

Click for tickets

Click for the Facebook event page


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