Place Waste Dissent book launches

We had a packed-out, emotional launch last night at the wonderful Brick Lane Bookshop for Place Waste Dissent – many thanks to Danial Kramb and the bookshop, Gary Budden, Kit Caless, Influx Press, Sarer Scotthorne, George F., Lucy Furlong and all who came, including old friends from the No M11 Link Road and Claremont Road days; Richard Leighton, John Ling, Michelle Butcher and Steve Ryan (whose photographs feature in Place Waste Dissent).


Joe Ambrose on Place Waste Dissent

Arts agitator, writer and film-maker Joe Ambrose on Place Waste Dissent;

‘I first met Paul Hawkins a fair long time ago and one night over dinner in my Islington flat he told me all about his squatting adventures and life on the road in Spain. Back then he had it in mind to write the book – below – which has just come out commemorating the squatting on London’s Claremont Road, now just a memory because the place got knocked down to make way for a motorway.

I was having dinner with a few friends the other night when my copy of the book arrived in its jiffy bag and I showed it to them and they read it while we were dining. They thought it was wonderful and we talked about how books exist to immortalize what we think feel or do while we’re around. Be that the affairs of a community or an individual or a people or just a handful of folks.

All these years later Paul has gotten his book out – it’s a herculean task to get any book out – and it couldn’t be a better job. Now go out and buy it.’



Place Waste Dissent live at #sanctumbristol

Andrew Neil Hayes filmed me reading from Place Waste Dissent at #Sanctumbristol on Friday November 6th. Sanctum hosts a continuous programme of sound over 552 hours, sustained by performers, musicians and bands in a temporary structure within the shell of Temple Church, Bristol. Sanctum is Theaster Gates’ first public project in the UK, produced by Situations, as part of Bristol 2015 European Green Capital. Big thanks to Sanctum and Andrew Neil Hayes.

Place Waste Dissent is available from Influx Press price £9.99 + p&p worldwide here

There are more on the VIDEO page.


Nov. 21st Place Waste Dissent launch & exhibition at The Arts House, Bristol

Influx Press are launching Place Waste Dissent with a free event in Bristol on November 21st. The Arts House in Bristol’s Stokes Croft will also be hosting a month long exhibition of prints from the book, as well as the launch night.

November 12th – December 10th  – Place Waste Dissent Bristol Exhibition at The Arts House

Prints from the new experimental poetry/collage collection Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press) will be on exhibition at The Arts House (open daily between 10am – 11pm). Poetry and collage by Paul Hawkins.

Place Waste Dissent features his own photography as well as that of Julia Guest, Maureen Measure, Steve Ryan, Susan Worth, John Hawkins and Sarer Scotthorne of The No M11 link Road Campaign, Leytonstone past & present.

The Arts House, 108a, Stokes Croft Bristol BS1 3RU open daily 10am – 11pm

November 21st – Place Waste Dissent Bristol Launch Night 7.30pm free entry

Paul Hawkins
– Paul is a Bristol based poet and author of the new Influx Press title ‘Place Waste Dissent’. He co-runs Hesterglock Press and has had two previous books published, ‘Claremont Road’ & ‘Contumacy’ (Erbacce)
@PlayWDissent @hesterglockmktg

Sarer Scotthorne
– Sarer co-runs Hesterglock Press and is author of the acclaimed collection ‘The Blood House’.

Sam Berkson
– Sam is the author of ‘Life in Transit’ (Influx, 2012), ‘Dusk Steals the Daylight (Fishbar, 2013) and the recent collection ‘Settled Wanderers’ (Influx, 2015).

plus a screening of Blight (John Smith/Jocelyn Pook)

and an author Q & A

The Arts House, 108a, Stokes Croft Bristol BS1 3RU

There’s a Facebook event page for the launch here

You can pre-order Place Waste Dissent from Influx Press by clicking HERE

International Times publish Resist :/ Eviction :// Creep (version)

Underground newspaper of resistance, International Times; adjusting lenses since ’66. Thanks to the I.T. & Rupert Loydell.

Read Resist :/ Eviction :// Creep (version) here.

Place Waste Dissent released on November 12th 2015

I’m very excited to announce a release date for Place / Waste / Dissent of November 12th 2015, published by Influx Press. Many thanks go out to my editor Gary Budden and press/PR virtuoso Kit Caless for their enthusiasm, drive and vision at this fantastic press, whose list of challenging, site-specific publications of creative non-fiction are fast becoming legendary.


“From Claremont Road to Cameron via surveillance culture and Occupy: transient-beta memory traces re-surfacing along the A12. This collection is an important reflection on a historic site of resistance, offering us illumination, ideas and inspiration for the future.”

Front cover image of Claremont Road by Maureen Measure.

Pre-orders taken very soon here

Reading at Mahu – Influx

w/special thanks to Sarer Scotthorne, SJ Fowler, Influx Press & The Hardy Tree Gallery.

Place Waste Dissent – pantomime horse accused of direct action

I’ve been looking through the archive of photographs of film maker/photographer Julia Guest in Bristol last week. Julia has kindly given me access to a real treasure trove of images from life in Claremont Road, and the No M11 Link Road campaign; there are many stunning images that I will be using in Place Waste Dissent, with her kind permission.

In fact the next phase of the book is about to start. I’m awaiting feedback and input from my Influx Press editor, Gary Budden, before making any final edits on the manuscript, before starting the process of putting text/image together for typesetting. I’ve a huge archive of images to work with, as well as upwards of 120 pages of text. The next phase in the project is going to be challenging and exciting.

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been able to read from the manuscript at a number of venues in London and Bristol, as well as take part in some Q & A sessions with other Influx Press writers/poets afterwards. This has been invaluable in gauging how the poems feel when read; how they roll around the head and out of my mouth is so very different to reading them at home to myself, or to my partner Sarer. There’s plenty of work stiil to do . . . and, I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to the books publication October time this year. Gary & Kit Caless at Influx have been amazing to work with; their boundless energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness has been inspiring to the shaping of the book. We have some exciting plans for launchiing Place Waste Dissent this autumn.

Here’s a  photo from Julia’s archive from 1996 involving a pantomime horse.

IMG_6043 (1)

Claremont Road (temporary autonomous zone) by Maureen Measure

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With thanks to Maureen for allowing me to use her archive of stunning images from Claremnot Road.

ALL IMAGES ©Maureen Measure

Stoke Newington Literary Festival

I read from my upcoming collection Place Waste Dissent at Squatting London, an event organised by my publisher Influx Press at Stoke Newington Literary Festival last Saturday. Partner-in-crime and Influx Press writer George F. read from his excellent Total Shambles memoir as well.  We’re becoming a bit of a double-act. Then Gary Budden chaired a Q & A session. It was a great event. Sarer took some pics . Thanks to all who were there, especially Sarer Scotthorne & Kit Caless/Gary Budden @influxpress.

IMG_5872 IMG_5900 IMG_5913 IMG_5926 IMG_5883 IMG_5868