New collection Contumacy open for orders

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My new collection, Contumacy (erbacce-press) is available from this website priced £8.95 + p&p


Paul Hawkins has picked up Tom Raworth’s energised quirky verbal speed: his rich, fractured, spatialised language drives in and on. I like it.
Jeremy Reed; poet and writer

Oulipian divination meets Metro cut-up. The Crash crash-edited into resistance rhythms, cash-in-hand concrete typography, mapping the run-off and the rackets from Claremont Road to Cameron, then cleaned out with half a brick. What looked like a wall, turns out to be a wall of sound; or a barricade. Tip #366: Hawkins is unstoppable.
Tony White; novelist, writer and editor

Ruthlessly political and socially aware, but never without warmth and humour, Paul Hawkins’ poems do the all-too-rare thing of exploring the minutiae of places, and the people who live in them, with the right amount of formal diversity. Contumacy is a collection that matters.
Mark Burnhope; poet, activist and editor

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Bone performed live in Bristol

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Bone performed live at The Edwardian Cloakrooms, Bristol. Filmed by Andrew of Schoolboy’s Death Trio.

# 192

The 50//FIFTY ends

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The collaborative project I started just over a year ago with collageist Michael Harford has now ended. I’m pruning the website down to just have our 50 poem/collage collaborations, which represents the project in full.

Here is the penultimate piece;

#345 Week 49

# 49


1. envisage an ISA
2. a fluffed-up pension to make old age nicer


1. envisage an ISA
2. a fluffed-up pension to make old age nicer


1. envisage an ISA
2. a fluffed-up pension to make old age nicer


1. envisage an ISA

Many of these 50 word pieces (one posted every day for a year) have been wrestled into a new collection of poems called Contumacy which will be published by Erbacce Press this year.

Many thanks to the coffee messiah Michael Harford.


Gigs in Bristol as part of ‘Three Laws’ at The Edwardian Cloakrooms

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Really looking forward to these gigs – 2 weeks of music, poetry and art at The Edwardian Cloakrooms in Bristol curated by Schoolboy’s Death Trio to launch their new EP Three Laws … here’s the venue … the beautifully preserved old public toilets aka The Edwardian Cloakrooms in Clifton, Bristol…

cropped-cropped-antlers-winter-shop-2012-e28093-c2a9-max-mcclure-2dscf2579dscf2617more info on the events;

10273978_262882303891681_3482825168932035951_n 10155350_262882460558332_6095912256170595141_n 10150634_262882477224997_5246092432575501583_nand there’s loads more TBA … all gigs are entry by donation

Litter Magazine reviews Claremont Road

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Alan Baker of Leafe Press reviewed Claremont Road for Litter Magazine;


Given the raw nature of these poems, it may seem surprising that the writer deploys a range of formal techniques; oulipean constraints, deftly-deployed rhyme, cut-up and visual spacing. But it’s this technical skill, and the unobtrusive way that it’s deployed that makes these poems work. What we have is a powerful combination of subject matter (you feel the writer has lived this life) and poetic craft. If Paul Hawkins has written anything else (this is my first encounter with his work) I’ll be seeking it out.

Read the review in full here